I’m a devoted wife, a mother of two girls, and an experienced professional with a wealth of experience and a long track record of strong leadership within corporations, higher educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and churches. My greatest skill (besides cooking) is putting systems and strategies in place to provide clarity in the midst of chaotic situations and make sense out of disorganization.
I have taken my love for fixing things, finding bargains, and solving problems and poured it into helping people just like you radically reorganize and redesign their living spaces and workspaces. I can see a problem, evaluate it, and figure out exactly what needs to be done to solve it in no time. I want to do the same for you because I know firsthand that if you fix your space, you can change your life!


By allowing me to come into your home or workplace, you are empowering me to help you de-clutter, clarify, and optimize the spaces that are most important to you so you can do the work that means the most to you.

Once we’ve spent some valuable time together, I know you’ll walk away more than satisfied and empowered for greater productivity.


– Consultation –
I may have the answers, but you have the questions, so before we do anything, I want to hear from you. I will walk through your space and discuss your organization needs with you in detail so we can be on the same page about your needs and how I can meet them.

– Shopping Assistance –
For those times your space needs require a trip to Target or to the hardware store, I will either accompany and help you shop or advise you on the exact items you need to purchase and on your most cost-effective options.

– Getting in the Trenches –
After discussing your needs and shopping for them, it’s time to get to work, and I will be right there with you! Cleaning, emptying, stacking, building, organizing, providing finishing touches–I will be your partner in helping you accomplish whatever needs to be done to fully transform your space.